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Rules which regulate hoteliers and hotel guests relations. Following rules, unless otherwise agreed in writing, shall be basis in the relations between hoteliers and hotel guests. "Tourist upholder" intervention (see point "Disputes") may not be derogated and any other agreements will be null. Rules which regulate hoteliers and hotel guests relations. Rules valid when no other agreement applies. Limits of conditions. The rules mentioned below apply to board and lodging (Regional Law no.2 of January 16,2002) and are directly applicable between hotel-keepers and guests. Form of contract The contract is stipulated usually by correspondence. The hotel prices shown are per person, per day for a minimum stay of three days in a double room with bathroom. Deposit A deposit exceeding 20% of the board and lodging sum and never less than one full-day's board must usually be paid. This deposit serves as confirmation for the hotel-keeper. Cancellation by the guest 30 days prior to the scheduled date of lodging entitles the guest to a refund of 50% of the deposit paid. No part of the deposit will be refunded for notice of cancellation provided later. Schedule for arrival and departure. If no other agreement has been made the room will be at the guest's disposal from 2 p.m. on the arrival day and must be left free by 10 a.m. on the day of departure. Board begins with lunch or supper and ends correspondingly with breakfast or lunch on the day of departure. Calculation of the board and lodging days. The rate for required accomodation refers to the arrival day, except for the rate changes shown on the price list (for low and high season). If you book a stay with a rate change, for the night in which rate is changing you will pay the rate for the day before the rate change. Failure of the hotel-keeper. If the hotel-keeper does not place the agreed room on the agreed date at the guest's disposal, the guest has the right of a double deposit reimbursement, or the reimbursement of the original deposit plus damages, unless no other agreement has been made. Non-arrival of the guest on the fixed date. Whenever the guest fails to arrive within the scheduled date, the hotel-keeper is obliged to hold the lodging until 10 a.m. the next day only if proof of the guest's intention to arrive has been previously received (deposit, letter, etc). Early departure or late arrival of the guest Unless a previous agreement has been agreed with the hotel-keeper, in case of the guest's late arrival or early departure when not the hotel-keeper's fault, the later has the right of full payment. Even if the room is not used it will at the guest's disposal. If the hotel-keeper rents the room during this period, the client must be reimbursed with the sum corresponding to the period for which the room is rented. Reduction for children: reductions are valid when the child hasn't yet turned the maximal foreseen age. Baby rate: baby sleeps in cradle (no meals included).Meals outside the hotel. No discount is applicable when meals are taken outside the hotel. The guest has right, upon notice, to ask for packed-lunch as replacement, or to have the price of half-board, if available. Other rules. The price for full-board, half-board and room with breakfast, applies to periods which are no less than 3 days and excludes drinks. Boarding price reductions for children sleeping in cots or cribs in their parents' room must be agreed previously. If the hotel has no single rooms, the price of a double room assigned to one person only will not exceed 70% of the room's original price. The stated prices must include, by obligation, all services specified in the Regional Law no.2 of January 16,2002, for their classification. In case of theft or damage the law regulates the responsibility of the hotel-keeper. The aforesaid regulations, unless different agreements in writing, take essential character in the relationship between guests and hotel-keepers. Changes. New national and regional laws coming into force could allow for changes to these regulations, without any prejudice or claim on behalf of the party undertaking the reservation. Disputes: In the interests of the guest, operators shown in this catalogue take part to the "Quality protocol" (*) promoted by the Friuli Venezia Giulia region (Turismo FVG) and any unresolved controversies between guests and operators require the intervention of the "tourist upholder" (an expert placed without charge at the disposal of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Tourist Agency) who having heard the parties, will decide with a binding judgement, for the dispute resolution. Sentences issued by the "Tourist Upholder" are not subject to appeal.