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Irish Pub

The typical Irish Pub called “Irish Pub Fra Noi”, open all the year round, has became for the hotel guests a party loving place for its pleasant evenings and its eating specialities of curious tastings.

We serve every evening different Irish specialities and, of course, regional ones together with a good mug of beer, the main ingredient of an Irish pub. In our pub you will taste the world known stout, the Guinness, dark and with its unmistakable bitter and dry taste.

Don’t miss the marvellous Kilkenny, red, aromatic, not very fizzy and with the characteristic taste of the beer produced in the abbeys.

For those loving simple taste, we offer the classical lager, especially the fresh Harp and many others, all high quality beers infusing warmness and pleasant sensations.

And what about our evening entertainment programs, changing every day from parlour games to cabaret and live music evenings. Some rock music mixed with reggae, rhythms of ska, country western, music able to create a simple and joyful atmosphere which attracts all our reliable clients.